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Es Salt des Freu

Nestled between the villages of Orient and Bunyola is a refreshing attraction that’s perfect to visit as a family: the Es Salt des Freu waterfall. This excursion is considered by many as a must-do in Mallorca, ideal for families or groups of friends, as it’s a quick and easy way to admire a stunning natural setting.

On the first stretch of the hike, you’ll enjoy clear views of the Sierra de Alfabia. Afterwards, it gets slight muddier, so it’s important to wear comfortable and waterproof footwear. And when you get to an intersection of two trails, the one on the right leads to the waterfall. After just five minutes heading down a path, you’ll get to the foot of the main waterfall of Es Salt des Freu.

Alternatively, canyoning along the Torrent de Coanegra is a daredevil way of getting there while abseiling, scrambling or jumping. Of course, if you choose this option, it’s best to get in touch with a specialist company so you can enjoy it as safely as possible.


Getting there

Car: MA-20, a journey of 74.5 kilometres taking around an hour and forty minutes.
Bus: Number 412 towards Palma. Get off at the Estación Intermodal. Take the Number 220 towards Bunyola. Get off at Sa Plaça. Take the Number 221 towards Orient. Get off at Camí d’es Freu and walk around one kilometre. Journey of approximately three and a half hours.