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Cabrera Nature Park

The Cabrera archipelago is the largest marine-land national park in Spain, with an area covering more than ninety thousand hectares. It’s located about ten kilometres to the south of Mallorca and, due to its isolation throughout history, its virtually unspoilt landscape always wows visitors.

Upon arrival, and after admiring the beauty of nature in its purest state, make sure you visit one of the most iconic places on the island: Sa Cova Blava. This cave can only be accessed by sea and its charm lies in the kaleidoscope of blues that are reflected on the ceiling thanks to the effects of light, creating a truly unique image.

As for fauna and flora, Cabrera is home to a whole host of animals as it’s one of the best-preserved natural areas in the Mediterranean. What’s more, there are over one hundred and thirty species of migratory birds. Meanwhile, the seabed is also fascinating, as it’s inhabited by endangered animals such as the loggerhead turtle or the leatherback turtle.


Getting there

The only way to visit the island is by boat, which sets sail from Colonia de Sant Jordi. To get to this coastal town:

Car: MA-5120. A journey of 61.4 kilometres taking around an hour and ten minutes
Bus: Number 412 towards Manacor. Get off at Plaça de sa Mora. Take the Number 495 towards Santanyí. Get off at Plaça Constitució. Total journey approximately two hours and ten minutes.

From there, jump on a boat that takes about forty minutes and, once there, you’ll have between four and five hours of time at your leisure.


Sailing times

Boat trip to Cabrera:

Adults: € 42.75
Children (3-12 yrs): € 24.70

9.30 am / 11.30 am

1.30 pm (July and August)