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Sobrasada in Felanitx

Sobrasada is Mallorca’s local product par excellence. The pigs used to create this famous dish are reared in the inner and south-eastern parts of the island. The town of Felanitx has had a particular connection with this product since ancient times and it is one of the must-visit places if you want to try the best quality sobrasada. Felanitx is a charming town with a medieval castle where the famous Sanctuary of Sant Salvador is located.

Here, sobrasada is found in restaurants, shops and in many local dishes such as Mallorcan soups, escaldums (chicken stew), trempó (pepper, tomato and onion salad), pá amb olí (bread and oil), tumbet (vegetable dish served with meat or fish) or the classic ensaimada. Restaurant El Castillo del Bosque is a great place to try these delicious dishes from Mallorca’s gastronomy.



Car: MA-4014: The journey is 35.7 km and it will take approximately 45 minutes.
Bus: Nº 412 direction Palma. Get off at Rambla Rei en Jaume. Take Nº 425 direction Cala D’Or/Portopetro. Get off at Ernest Mestre. Approximate duration 1 hour 35 minutes.