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Cala Varques

One of the most spectacular beaches in the whole of Mallorca is Cala Varques, located just 13 kilometres from Manacor. This spectacular virgin beach captivates visitors with its clear blue waters that contrast with the greenery of its surroundings and the white of the sand. It is the perfect place for snorkelling and discovering the abundant marine life hidden beneath the water. It’s a 100 % natural beach, so you won’t find any restaurants, facilities or services here.

Cala Varques is located very close to Manacor, one of the most important cities on the island, which has a long history and a valuable cultural heritage. Also, why not take advantage of the opportunity to visit two of Mallorca’s most wonderful sights: the Drach and the Dels Hams caves.

Location of Cala Varques

Transport to Cala Varques

By car: MA-4023: The journey is 20 kilometres and will take approximately 34 minutes.
By bus: Not available.