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Paddle boarding

Another sporting activity offered on the island of Mallorca is paddle boarding. This sport consists in standing upright on a board with the help of a paddle and travelling around the sea, avoiding the waves. The boards used for paddle boarding are different to those used in conventional surfing.

Mallorca is the ideal location for practising this sport thanks to its multitude of virgin coves that are only accessible from the sea. Broadly speaking, it is a sport for all, but don’t be fooled by the difficulty level, it is a full body work out!

The whole of the Pollença bay area is perfect for this activity, particularly San Vicente cove and Formentor beach. Cala Vella, located in Llucmajor, is a haven of peace isolated from the city; the surrounding cliffs mean that this cove is only accessible from the sea.

In the municipality of Calviá, you will find Es Toro, one of the best beaches for paddle boarding. The sand and the colour of the water here make it the ideal place for this peaceful activity. It is also an ideal destination for diving.