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There is a way to discover the secrets of Mallorca’s coast that only involves moving your arms. Of course, we’re talking about kayaking, a sport that requires a good level of fitness and, on occasions, previous experience or the company of a guide.

Kayaking is a popular sport in Mallorca thanks to its spectacular beaches and landscape. It is particularly recommended for exploring the numerous coves that can’t be accessed by vehicle or on foot. The Peninsula de Llevant Natural Park and Cap Ferrutx coastline offer some of the best spots for kayaking. Within the park, there is a challenging route that cuts between Cala Murada and Cueva del Pilar for experienced kayakers. This area often experiences high winds and the waves can make the route difficult.

A more peaceful area of the Llevant Natural Park can be found on the Costa de los Pinos. This area is suitable for all and you do not need to have any previous experience to kayak here. It is an area where you can explore many coves and caves, one of which has a small beach inside where you can enjoy a swim with a difference.