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Coasteering is a sport that combines hiking, climbing, caving, abseiling and jumping into the water from heights. It is essential to use a guide for this activity as they are experts in the area and will provide safe places to practise this sport without exposing you to any danger. The water temperature and the almost guaranteed weather make Mallorca one of the top locations for coasteering.

The areas around Alcúdia and Manacor generally offer easy routes where you can combine hiking, jumps and even the option to dive in the Mediterranean.

One of the best-known coasteering locations is Cala Romántica, east Mallorca. This area offers marine caves, abseiling, climbing and numerous jumps. Another option is Cala Figuera in Calviá. This option is suitable for children aged 12, so it is great for kids who want to have a go at climbing and jumping into the water.

Finally, there is La Victòria in Alcudia. In this area, as well as in all the areas previously mentioned, you can practise psicobloc, a sport born in Mallorca. Psicobloc is a form of rock climbing that doesn’t use a harness or ropes and relies on the water for protection in case of a fall. The route finishes with a visit to a marine cave with dark passages and crystal-clear water.